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Bagworth & Thornton Parish Council

Serving the people of Bagworth, Merry Lees & Thornton

Clerk: Ms Ann Murray
Bagworth Community Centre
Station Road, Bagworth
Coalville LE67 1BH

Tel: 07580 574093

Bagworth & Thornton Parish Council provides YOUR local services. We endeavour to make Bagworth & Thornton a better place to live, work and visit. Our website includes a wealth of information about how we conduct business and what we do. Find local groups and businesses in our community directory. Use the search or browse the site to find whatever you are looking for. If you can't find what you want or would like to recommend any improvements to our website then please contact us.


Latest News

2017 Precept Statement

Precept Statement

The precept for Bagworth and Thornton Parish Council was set at a figure of £98,000 for the year 2017/18.

The division of the precept between the 1133 dwellings within the parish, is based on a calculation set by Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council and is outlined below.

The Precept is calculated on the amount of money it takes to provide the facilities and services that fall within the remit of the Parish Council. When contracts are placed, such as the maintenance of the public open spaces, a tender process is followed with the best value for money and ability to complete the contract being awarded the contract. More »

Below is a breakdown of the expenditure that the Parish Council foresee for this precepted year. The overwhelming factor for an increase of £13,000 for this year, is the initiation of a Neighbourhood Plan for which £10,000 has been set aside.

The Parish Council are also required to hold a reserve, which is to provide the capacity for the Parish Council to be able to function for a period of 6 months in case of any kind of emergency. Prior to 2011/12 the Parish Council had an extremely low reserve and so as a consequence this has had to be built up.

Every year the Finance Committee scrutinise the costs and all proposed future projects, in order to keep the precept as low as possible. Current projects include the installation of speed awareness signs, woodland maintenance for Bagworth New Wood and Maynard Park. Where possible grant assistance is sought to fund major projects.

The difference between projected income and expenditure has to be financed either from reserves or where by possible by grant funding (which in the current climate is harder to secure).




Accountancy Fees


Audit Fees




Legal & Professional Fees






Allotments & Open Spaces


Bin Emptying & Litter Pick


Grass Cutting & Maintenance


Playground Inspections & Maintenance


Street Lighting


Staff Costs


Bagworth Community Centre


Thornton Community Centre


Loan Repayment


Neighbourhood Plan


Section 137 Grant


Total Projected Running Costs for 2017/18





Allotment Rental


Land Rental




Division of Precept Based on Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council Calculations

There are 1133 dwelling within the Parish of Bagworth &Thornton (this also includes Merry Lees).

Each dwelling is banded from A through to H




























Tax Base









Council tax by band









Each banding is given a multiplier – with Band D being the common denominator of 9/9.

A tax base for each band is reached by multiplying the number of dwellings by the multiplier but also taking into account single persons discount, disability benefit etc.

All separate tax bases are added together to form a total - 943.5

The precept is divided by the total tax base to get the band D Council Tax – (£98,000/943.5 = £103.87).The £103.87 is then multiplied by the multiplier to get the rates for each of the other bands. » Less

Thu, 23 Mar 2017 09:28 by Ann Murray

Parish Council Statement - Pony Rescue Ltd


During the past months, you may have been made aware of numerous posts and press statements regarding land that the Parish Council lease to Pony Rescue Ltd at Allotments Field, Park Lane, Bagworth.

The Parish Council held an Extra Ordinary meeting on Friday 17th March 2017 to discuss this matter after taking legal advice from their solicitor regarding numerous accusations, the possible prejudicing of due process, possible libellous allegations toward several Councillors and staff and the attempts at public humiliation aimed at the Parish Council. A resolution, supported by all members present, was passed to forward Pony Rescue Ltd correspondence from our solicitor requesting that all terms of the lease be adhered to, but if Pony Rescue Ltd found themselves unable to comply with the conditions set out in the lease that they had signed, the Parish Council would be willing to allow Pony Rescue Ltd to terminate their agreement on the 1st July 2017 rather than at the 3 year point as documented in the agreement. More »

Pony Rescue Ltd approach our land agents, Andrew Grangers, in September 2015 regarding a parcel of land the Parish Council had to rent in Bagworth. In their introduction letter, they state they were a not for profit organisation that rescues, retrains and then re-homes, unwanted, neglected and abused pones. In addition to using the land for the rescue centre it would also continue to be farmed for arable crops namely barley, wheat, hay and straw.

On the information provided by Pony Rescue Ltd and following site visits to their then rescue centre, Parish Council members voted unanimously to accept their proposal, subject to legal requirements. Pony Rescue were granted permission to move onto the site immediately, whilst the lease agreement was formulated.

This lease was issued to Pony Rescue Ltd 21st March 2016. Every opportunity was provided by the Parish Council for Pony Rescue Ltd to question/ amend / negotiate all parts of the lease and it was recommended by Council that independent legal advice was also sought. Pony Rescue Ltd requested countless amendments before the lease was finally signed by both parties on the 1st July 2016.

Pony Rescue Ltd have stated that the Parish Council have denied them permission to build pens and stables over the period of the lease and have been obstructive in requests made by Pony Rescue Ltd.The initial request for consent for the construction of pens and stable accommodation was submitted by Pony Rescue Ltd on the 23rd November 2016, as per the conditions of the Lease where the landlord's permission is required before the erection of any new buildings. Permission was granted for the following, by the Parish Council at their meeting held on the 5th December 2016:

  • ·construction of internal holding pens constructed with wooden posts and stock fencing to a maximum height of 4 feet, to include one holding pen to a maximum height of 6 feet.
  • ·to allow the widening of the gate access on Park Lane, to the size of the current gap in the hedgerow by the installing a second gate at a width of 5 feet.
  • ·to allow temporary structures to be placed on site.
  • ·the installation of a hard standing at the new gate access in the new fence line on the allotments field.

The above points were conditional of a full site plan illustrating location of pens, location of temporary structures and proposed material to be used and size and finish of the hard-standing at the allotments field gate, being forwarded to Council for approval before any work is commenced.

All improvements/amendments must be recorded by a licence that must be drafted and executed and no improvement or alteration can commence until the licence has been executed. Pony Rescue Ltd acknowledged and accepted these terms on the 14th January 2017.

This matter, along with a number of other outstanding issues, is now being dealt with by the Parish Council's solicitor as Pony Rescue Ltd have now emphatically refused to comply with the conditions attached to the approval and continue to accuse the Council of underhandedness and unfair treatment.

The Parish Council, it's members and staff have worked extensively over the past months to accommodate Pony Rescue Ltd but would like to express that any breakdown in relationship was wholly on the part of Pony Rescue Ltd » Less

Fri, 17 Mar 2017 19:00 by Ann Murray